Waikato Business Hub

Why be a member of the Waikato Business Hub?

  • Network with other Businesses
    • Direct Referrals/Exposure‚Ķ. You get to form solid well connected relationships with other business owners that can help your business through referrals, knowledge sharing and joint events
  • Offer of a services pack
    • Every business puts forward an offer or discount of services. By combining all of these together with the other businesses you get the double benefit of being able to offer both clients and potential clients some great discounts or benefits and also as a participant, the ability to get yourself in front of other potential future clients.
  • Website Exposure
    • Your business will get a free listing as a 'recommended' service on the WBH web site and that will link to your own web site
  • Exposure to potential businesses at seminars
    • The Waikato Business Hub will run business seminars that will provide exposure to Hub members to the attendees by offering them business packs and in some cases by members being able to offer their own expertise.
  • Discount at business seminars and Workshops
    • 25% discount off the cost of all Business Hub business trainings and seminars and workshops.
  • Meet other Businesses through organised coffee mornings
    • This provides each business the opportunity to fully understand how another members business operates and as a result provides the confidence to recommend that business to others or use the services themselves. Each business is expected to have one coffee hour per month with another businesses.

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